Taste of Kent Awards 2014

Kevin is the host of Kent’s prestigious Taste of Kent Awards.

About The Awards

Produced in Kent have been organising The Taste of Kent Awards since 2004. The Awards showcases the best of Kent’s food and drink products. It is Kent’s longest running and most prestigious awards having gained many loyal sponsors and supporters during that time.

Kevin’s role at the awards night

As the event host it is Kevin’s job to keep the nominee’s and guests in the know about what’s happening. He also has the pleasure of reading out the winners.

Kevin said “I know what it’s like sat waiting to see if you’ve won or not, so it’s great to reveal the winner and feel the energy in the room”.

An awards hosts job is to make sure things run to time and if things do go slightly off schedule to keep it cool as if nothing has happened.

What the client thought

Stephanie Durling is Business Director of Produced in Kent and is a part of the team who put together the awards event.


stephdurling taste of kentStephanie said “We were absolutely delighted with Kevin’s work for our awards. His pitch was just right and he managed timing issues so well it was a relief for all. We have so many positive feedbacks and with sponsors and supporters booking up for 2015 we’ve already booked Kevin for next year”.


The range of categories at The Taste of Kent Awards has grown year on year and now incorporates every product that Kent, the Garden of England, is renowned for. With each passing year, the number of votes cast for your favourite food and drink heroes has also grown massively with Kent foodies demonstrating great support for local products by participating in these annual awards.


To see the 2014 winners and pictures from the event help at the Kent Events Centre follow the link to view the Taste of Kent Awards website.

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