Google Glass shrinking our world

I’m testing out a new app, well we will see if it can create the desired outcome I want.  That is – to blog while on the go.  Actually I’m not on the go right now, in-fact I’m not moving anywhere, apart from my hand whizzing across the ipad screen whilst sitting comfortably on the sofa.


It is a true fact that I love technology and gadgets, oh and could quite easily fire up the Mac or laptop, or pc – did I tell you I love technology.  I’m sat here testing this new app for blogging. It got me thinking about how things can move on so quickly.  I just watched  a news review on Google Glass whipping up hysteria about invasion of privacy and so on.


If you don’t know Google’s Glass project is a simple concept of wearing a pair of glasses and ironically with no glass but with a small unit built over the right eye enabling you to see something akin to a large flat screen TV image appearing to float in the air in front of you.  It is simply the next step in computing, Internet and app development.


Google Glass enables you to utalise many of their existing apps, Maps become further intuitive with Google’s street viewing overlaying your actual location, Gmail can be dictated on the go and one app idea could revaloutionse the way we shop, it is an app that includes a personal welcome from the owner of the restaurant to meet and great you before you go in – but it can do so much more.


Google earns a great deal of revenue from its advertising, but imagine if you we’re wearing a pair of their glasses walking down the high street and then approached by a virtual sales person linked to the product you had popped out to buy.  This would happen as you walk through the town, you can buy it while talking to the virtual assitant and then collect at the store a few minutes later – It would save time if it genuinely provided you with the best deal.


Some are concerned about the potential for attack on privacy.  The glasses have a built in camera for video and stills, the worry for some is that you can set up a code word that isn’t ‘take picture’ but does indeed take a picture.

However for a country where you are regularly seen on camera at least 80 times during an average day does it really matter, but surely only the odd balls of society would get off on taking pictures of strangers and in any case they can do that now.  Interesting to note that we are the most photographed generation of all time.


I work in the media and as such I can see real potential for Google Glass, especially for citizen journalism.   Imagine being able to react immediately with a piece loaded up to the Internet via a scene of a major event.  Yes we can do this now with a few clicks of a a screen on an tablet or smartphone, but if it could be streamed live or added on-line via a voice command ‘upload Facebook’, imagine how quick an event could be added to the World Wide Web.  Indeed our world is shrinking yet perhaps our knowledge the immediate world around us widens at the hand of technology.

Oh and this app, I’ll try and add to this post while on the move on train tomorrow, and perhaps in the future I’ll dictate this instead of type it, but then again I like the silent voice of my mind as I write my blog notes, image dictating to your blog on a train full of people… Hmmm.

You may not have noticed, but edited quite comfortably while arriving at Otford on said train.

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