BBC National Local Radio… From Community to Podcast

Question: With the advent of National BBC Local and further regional BBC Local, is it time for the community radio sector in the UK to ask for a share of the BBC licence fee? Or perhaps its a signal that small scale local doesn’t work for Radio?

If the BBC can no longer deliver truly local radio with the budget’s they receive, then perhaps the predominately volunteer sector should receive some of the funds.

“…disenfranchised from homogeneous brand radio”

I am passionate about local radio serving its community and the BBC have been the finest at delivering it to a certain age group. In my view a gap is about to open up and although community radio broadcast areas are far too small (in my opinion) if they get their act together and super-serve their community it could provide a home for some sections of the listening public disenfranchised from homogeneous brand radio and regional localised radio.

Sometimes the quality on offer from community radio isn’t quite up to scratch for the listener, not my point of view but based on actual listener feedback, and perhaps that’s where some funds could come in – training and programme production support.

Then again some listener may not give a bag of goats toss about the quality or perhaps they may actually like the new national local service, further networking and they’ll stay tuned to the station they’ve always listened to out of habit.

Perhaps we should all go and create local Podcasts instead – maybe the licence fee could help pay for that… local podcasts, active citizen journalists published via a BBC App – Now there’s a thought.

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