This is Kevin Field

kevin field at eurofair 2011

This is Kevin Field…

Award winning project manager, author, presenter and producer, a former World Champion at Custard Pie throwing – I kid you not – and dad of one busy little munch-king!

Kevin spends much of his time looking after a hugely successful  media project based in a prison while also dreaming up new ideas for development through the use of media.  The rest is divided between his family, cooking in the kitchen, writing comedy sketches for various peeps, strumming his guitar, Everton FC, painting and dreaming up new entrepreneurial ideas.

Professionally he works closely with dedicated and skilled people to create award winning media projects that deliver targeted media related content.

Kevin offers a diverse media background made up of radio and multi-media and communication skills combined with entrepreneurial and project management expertise.  he has gained these from working in custodial settings, social enterprise, the event industry,  commercial radio industry and the third sector.

Kevin is currently a project manager, prison media development manager and communication strategy lead.  He also freelances as a presenter, trainer and event host.  He also presents the superb Saturday Show on 106.9sfm.

A short history of this bloke Kevin…

Prison Media

Kevin manages the  enterprising and award winning Radio Wanno, a Media for Development initiative in partnership with HMP Wandsworth.  The project is multi award winning  and in 2013, Kevin and his management colleagues Simon Sujeewon and Donovan McGrath won a Butler Trust Award and an international communications award, the IVCA Clarion Champions Award, for their work for service to prison radio.

Kevin was awarded a Crystal Hearts Award for Story Book Week a transformational media literacy project working with fathers isolated from their families.  The project challenges male participants to connect with their children while gaining a recognised qualification, for some it is the first time they have engaged with education while opening up and connected with their families.


Kevin has worked as a presenter, producer, copywriter, events manager and marketer for some of the largest radio groups in the UK and to the smallest, from  national and regional radio stations to local community radio.  He started out in radio at 16 with Hospital Radio Swale, set up a school / college radio station called ‘The Band’ volunteered with Hospital Radio Maidstone and worked for Rocket Radio, Stereo Cruise, Maidstone Festival Radio, 20/20fm, TLR, Neptune Radio, CTFM, JazzFM,  Fox FM (Capital Radio Group, CCap), TLRC Group and with multi media owner the Kent Messenger Group and kmfm, and launch marketing manager for Maidstone’s 106CTFM having worked with the team for 9 years to gain a full time radio licence for Kent’s County town.

Kevin currently presents, produces a weekly programme for 106.9sfm in Kent.

Other stuff that’s really not that interesting but here goes…

Pay4prep is an on-line radio showprep service with it’s origins in late 2004 when recognising the need for pay on demand radio show prep Kevin started the Morning Glory prep sheet.  Other ideas and content for the service followed as did pay4prep in 2005/6 and continues to exist today with presenters and producers using the service to augment their radio offerings…
Books – Kevin is the author of several eBooks providing advice and guidance on radio skills available for  Kevin has also provided media training for new comers, journalists and media professionals.
Web – Kevin loves gadgets and on-line media and social networking.  Although he hasn’t had as much time as he once did to work with web content and apps he continues to provide some web services to a handful of dedicated clients while maintaining his own digital projects.  This very website is one of Kevin’s creations…

Event Host and Compere for Your Event

As an event host Kevin has linked together some of the biggest acts and local bands at big events.  He’s comfortable on a stage in front of thousands at concerts or wandering around the marquees of major food festivals keeping the visitors and traders up to date with what’s happening through the event PA.

Kevin has worked with local authorities to host their events or by businesses to launch a new product as well as at a food festival to inspire people to spend money.

British Male Voice Over

Everyone who has worked in radio is doing Voice Over… So… As does Kevin – providing his dulcet tones for website and on-line video.  You can hear some examples from Kevin’s Voice Over Page.

Kevin Field’s Specialities

New Media, Event Host, Event Animation, Radio Programming, Radio Production, Marketing, Website Design, Project Management, PA and Sound, Live Outside Broadcast, Branding and Identity, Roadshows, Live Show Production, Event Radio.

Event Host

Kevin Field Event Host
As an event host Kevin Field is the ideal face and voice of your event.  Experienced as a stage compere and information host via your event PA system.  Credits include The Taste of Kent Awards, Herne Bay Festival, Canterbury Lights Switch On, Canterbury Food Festival, Christmas  and Eurofair Food & Drink Festival.

Awards Ceremonies – Kevin cuts through the chatter and delivers.  His no nonsense style allows your guests to take in the event while he helps build the atmosphere and suspense for the award winners.

Concert Stage –  Linking acts through to padding for time or proving information on what’s coming up next, Kevin has hosted in front of a few hundred to over 8 thousand from Christmas lights, local to major concerts.

Exhibitions and festivals – Roaming microphone information is one of Kevin’s area of expertise.  If your activity needs event animation then Kevin is the perfect option to add atmosphere and add revenue into yours or your traders bottom line.

Roadshows and live broadcast – Kevin has years of experience of roadshow work promoting a product placement to a target audience.  He’s also an expert at live outside broadcast for radio.

Kevin’s knowledge and experience ranges from roadshows and corporate events, product launches to radio stations and from stages to exhibitions.  He is experienced at working with detailed scripts and complex instructions.  He has worked with agencies, PR and council authorities.
It is always important to choose your event host wisely.  Kevin Field is an experienced event host, compere and presenter book him today through the contact form on the side of this page.
What Do Clients Say About Kevin?
Kevin Field Event Host

Event Host Kevin Field at work at a food & drink festival.

“Simply a great job – We’ll see you again next year” – Lounge on the Farm (Canterbury Food and Drink Festival 2013)

Kevin Field was booked by the new management team of Kent’s premier food & drink festival In Canterbury.

“That was our best awards yet, you did a great job” Ed Martin, Manager Produced In Kent, Taste of Kent Awards 2014

Kevin Field was booked as the new awards host for the Taste of Kent Awards 2014

“Kevin, as ever you were superb, our event wouldn’t be the same without you” – Philipe Esclasse Canterbury CityCentre Partnership

Kevin – event host for the Christmas lights Switch On Canterbury

“Spot On – You did everything we needed and more” – Caroline Hicks, Canterbury City Councils Local Economy Manager

Kevin Field has hosted The Eurofair with the Kent Food and Drink Festival from 2000 to 2011.


What Experience Does Kevin Have as an Event Host?

As an event host Kevin has worked with radio stations, local authorities, PR companies, marketing agencies and at corporate functions, fun days, fêtes, and product launches.  He has hosted roadshows, gameshows, food festivals, fashion shows, Christmas Lights Switch On’s and Summer Concerts.

As an event host Kevin is the face and voice of your event –  representing your brand, your product and your ideals.  With each booking planning and communication is the key to make sure your event host is doing the right thing at the right time at your event.

Interested in booking Kevin for your event? Use the contact form below.


Voice Over from Kevin Field

From websites to exhibitions, adverts to on-line video Kevin Field provides a British male voice over to suit your requirements.

Kevin’s voice is distinctive – different to any other you have heard.  He is warm, friendly, informative, upbeat and optimistic.  As your voice over Kevin Field will create an image and anchor point with your customer.  Kevin Field as your voice over; a voice that is distinctive and stands out from the crowd.

Who is Kevin Field the voice over?

Kevin Field is an English male voice over, providing voice over recording for commercials, TV & video, website, voice-mail and answer-phone messages.

He offers years of experience having worked as a radio presenter and producer as well as writing commercials for agencies and radio stations.

Kevin can visit your studio or record from his own studio – you can also direct and or listen via Skype call.

Voice overs can be supplied dry or processed and the finished product can be delivered to you in several ways.

FTP – Transfer to and from your ftp server | E-mail – Sent via e-mail | CD or Flash Pen | On-line file sharing service

What do clients say about Kevin Field?

“Great voice over thanks, they could hear your voice throughout the exhibition hall – all week” – Jan, Bambrella Parasols Ltd.

Kevin voiced and produced a Bambrella promotional video for use at exhibitions and on their website and Youtube.

“We’d love to have your dulcet tones as our voice for the audio trail” – Stephanie Durling – Business Development Manager Produced in Kent.

Kevin voiced and produced The Hops and Downs Audio Trail fro Produced in Kent.

Check out some examples of Kevin’s voice in action below.

Bamberella Parasols Video for the largest outdoor furniture exhibition in Europe.

[youtube video= fxgI58qqRNs]

Voice Over for on-line video and Youtube video

On-line Video is an interesting and effective way of advertising by using the power of websites like Youtube and Vimeo you can embed video files onto your website.  Remember these sites are free to use making on-line marketing easy and accessible for everyone.  Kevin can provide voice over for your business for on-line video and your website.   Feel free to contact Kevin for a price.

[youtube video=A0Rwl_39NBo]

Voice Over for PDF documents and presentations

You can sit back and let your power point show or PDF display do it for you, the perfect design and perfect voice over working together to sell your product or tell your story.  Additionally Kevin Field Voice Over can provide the voice to your document presentation.

[youtube video=Uy3CujMue3o]

Voice Over for websites

Is your website user friendly, have you ever thought about people with impaired vision?  Or woudl you liek to make an impact when someone lands on your site?  Kevin Field voice over can help make your site heard with voice over versions of almost every aspect of your website.

Many people who visit websites just don’t have the time to read through everything, with a talking website you can get the information direct to the customer as soon as they land on your home page and Kevin Field can provide the voice over for this service, as well as provide a free guide on how to set it up.

On Hold, Call Handling and Voice Mail

Quality voice over for your on hold, voicemail or answerphone is a must; it makes all the difference when creating that professional customer experience.  Kevin Field can provide the voicemail, on hold and answerphone message to engage with your customer when you’re not available.

The right production music can be made bespoke for you or choose the ideal track in a library of pre-made music.  The music is yours to use for the life of the voice over.

[youtube video=YM0G0YJo4_A]

Radio and TV Commercials

Looking for something that doesn’t sound the same as everyone else, Kevin Field’s distinctive voice can provide the perfect voice over for your commercials from his home studio or he can visit a studio of your choice.

TV & Video Programmes

Kevin Field can provide voice over for your video, DVD or TV programme.  If its simple links between the action of full continuity for a trasining video simple get in touch.

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