Event host having fun in the sun with food and drink

The Eurofair with the Kent Food and Drink Festival always take pride of place in Canterbury’s event calendar, and I was chosen once again to provide my dulcet tones to cover the event, to provide commentary, to provide what I call ‘Event Animation’.

The Eurofair is an event that is a must-visit annual for many and took place on 23 to 25th September 2011 in the Dane John Gardens, staged by Canterbury City Council in partnership with Produced in Kent.  Many make an annual pilgrimage from far to get hold of the fine produce and take in the atmosphere and flavours.

As the event host (or compere if you prefer) my services provide an aid to keep things moving, keep the visitors in the know about what is on site, when things are happening.

It also benefits the traders by helping to return a healthy profit in their pockets.  That’s not me waxing lyrical about what I do, feedback from the producers and traders at the event always tell me that ‘Event Animation’ helps the tills to keep on ringing.

It was a real pleasure to talk to the visitors and food producers from Kent and further afield.  We were blessed with sunshine throughout, unlike last year when we were soaked as the heavens opened up, whereas this year the fine weather helped wet the appetite for a fantastic festival of food and drink.

Event Animation is as thus – professional event host, professional PA and an event action plan for the Event Animation.   To find out how I could apply ‘Event Animation’ to your event feel free to contact me info@kevinfield.co.uk

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