A Day in the Life of Planet Earth

Last year You Tube along with directors Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald invited thousands of people around the world to upload videos from their lives to You Tube and to take part in ‘Life in a Day’ that day being July 24, 2010. 

They hoped to start a historic cinematic experiment to create a documentary film about a single day on earth. The resulting film is out in July 2011.

Those who have seen it said it made them laugh and cry, and what is interesting about this project is that it is real, nothing is staged for the film, no fake ‘can you do that again only way is Essex’ scenes – simple and real life.  After all there is nothing more interesting than real life.  Pick a busy hi-street, take a seat and watch and you’ll see some interesting things unfold in front of you.

I remember talking to an old chap who used to sit in Leicester Square Gardens in London I asked him why he sat there all day, he said that it was much better and eminently more entertaining than TV or film; you see the world go by in just a few hours, he told me some interesting stories about life that passed his seat.

I’ll be interested to see if Ridley Scott can keep me engaged for an hour and a half, watching the trailer below I feel a sense of intrigue.  I hope that it has a world perspective and not the US world introspective.

That said it is truly a stunning concept – ask people to record and upload their videos about a single day in their life and then edit them together into a film, I hope the concept turns into a stunning film, and the critics say that it has.  Have a look below at the trailer…

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