Japan Earthquake

I was in Poland when I first heard of the news of the earthquake in Japan; I then travelled back through Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. In each country on radio and TV you hear of the work and hours that search and rescue teams from each of these countries were putting in to help those stricken by the catastrophe.

While in Germany I saw a report on the British effort to help and a piece about a ‘Breath’ search Border Collie dog that had cut its leg on the debris during the search and that this little dog carried on searching with his masters at his side and a bandage on its leg.

Once home I found the story of the collie on the Daily Mail website alongside a superb write up by David Jones. More so it speaks of the bravery of many who were involved in the Tsunami and something at-least positive in a small measure of a story of a young teacher and his family in the UK waiting desperate of news of his safety.

The photographs are also astounding; I do hope that there is someone there for the teams who went out to help when they get home, because the pictures tell the story etched on their faces.


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