Orian Media – onto a good thing?

In the days of the uniformed global branding of radio stations it is refreshing that one group is following a former tradition. Orion Media have opted to give their stations a unified but individual brand. I like that they have opted for similar strap lines for there stations with a base image but localised for each broadcast area.

Another win for me is that they haven’t changed the heritage brand names.

I think listeners accept that things change, they accept that a product will develop – lets face it we are forever bombarded with ‘all new improved’ when we visit the supermarket. Although radio is something else and is for many a very personal experience – the ‘it is about me’ experience – I’ve often got that feeling from chatting to listeners at stations I’ve worked at of an almost ownership of the radio station they listen to – definitely an identity they share with.

A listener will vote with their fingers when they find that product they once enjoyed is no longer available, especially if it changes dramatically overnight – but if it changes over time, and you allow time, the listener adapts and tunes into their new radio home.

There is of course a school of thought that will say that as long as it is a properly researched product and delivers what an available audience want it really doesn’t matter if you change the name.

Hey they often flip names and brands in the US. Yet we’re not in the USA are we and there is something uniquely British about keeping something the same for many years, building on heritage (as long as it is not bought out by some giant from overseas – that’s another subject entirely info-capitalism and relaxed ownership rules abide in the US of K).

Besides I like what Orion are doing with their stations, we’ll see if it works with the loyal listeners and the new and recaptured potentials. I hope that they can win back the listener who may have left in the preceding years, those that no longer felt that it was ‘about me’, it would be great to see this small group grow and prove their radio knowledge is radio prowess.

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